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Iphgz Pola Reklam


The proposed rates for the various size

positions nr 5 i 6

151 px na 70 px – 150,00 PLN/monthly,  3 months – 400,00 PLN
151px na 250-300 px – 300,00 PLN / monthly (netto),  3 months – 800,00 PLN

positions nr 7 i 8
151 px na 70 px – 200,00 PLN/monthly,  3 months – 500,00 PLN
151px na 250-300 px – 400,00 PLN / monthly (netto),  3 months – 1000,00 PLN

positions nr 9,10,11,12,13,14
151 px na 70 px – 100,00 PLN/monthly,  3 months – 250,00 PLN
151px na 250-300 px – 200,00 PLN / monthly, 3 months -500,00 PLN

Prices are cheaper in the pages in half.
All prices are net prices which do not include 23% VAT.
For members of the House expect special discounts.


Advertise on exclusivity can be purchased for up to 30 days. Normally on a banner ad is displayed in rotation with other ads of the area. On one banner can be displayed in three different reklamy.Wykupienie change banner guarantees exclusive only display one ad.

Banner on the Daily Newsletter Information IPHGZ

  • Price for 1 week campaign (5-10 shipments) - 300PLN
  • The number of subscribers to the newsletter 1200


We offer multi-day, weekly and monthly advertising campaigns
You can place orders on advertising for the entire year in advance.
Purchase full-year advertising campaign will allow you to advance zaplanownie dates and places where your ad will appear.
For efficiency reasons, we recommend that each time you renew as much as possible to change graphic design advertising.